Jan 13, 2013

Mix - Le papillon noir - mélodies mélancoliques et rythmes dansants du Moyen-Orient

Mise en contexte :

Sabah a le coeur brisé depuis que son amoureux, Sola, est parti en expédition sur le Nil à la recherche du mythique papillon noir. Au retour de Sola à Beyrouth, Sabah le récompensera en exécutant les danses du ventre les plus audacieuses de l'histoire du Moyen-Orient.

Scénario : Le grand Guy d'Amérique
Choix musical : Lg alias Croustille
Film à l'affiche : en mam'né

En attendant la sortie du film le Papillon Noir régalez-vous avec la bande sonore :

1- Al-Ashab / Beautiful Laila
2- Fairuz / Al Birit El Chalabiya
3- Filmon Wahbi / Mali Al-Gara
4- Sabah - Sola Cha Cha Cha
5-? / Egyptian Moon
6- Salag Ragab - Kahn El-Khaleely
7- ? / ?
8- Omar Korshid / Al Hob El Awal
9- Mohamed Jerrari / Sidi Mansour
10- ? / Nada
11- Toni Hanna / Medayye Albi ou Omri
12-Mohamed El Bakar / Raks El Dabka
13- John Berberian Ensemble / Nehevent Longa


linerouge said...

C'est superbe, je viens de découvrir ton blogue via François Donatien. Je vais y revenir souvent, j'adore l'idée et ton choix de musique.

Lg alias Croustille said...

Merci L.

Anonymous said...

J'ai hâte de voir le film! :)

Hammer said...

Very smooth east-xotica and cha-cha mix! Liked it (not the outro, though). The whole Sabah film could have been a good invention way back at that time, but, alas.

Notes/Comments on The Track-List:
-Al-As'hab (or The Friends - الأصحاب) was a collective of back-singers started by the Rahbani Brothers in the early 60's (This track could be found on the Music From A Millionaire's Playground LP (1965). I had it on my own blog, but MediaFire took it off because of some "Ron Goodwin" copyright shwank. Derp.
-Fairouz' famous song is misspelled here by the way: El-Bint El-Chalabiyah, or 'The Beautiful Maiden'.
-Filmon Wehbe's own is called Melli El-Jarah (Fill The Jar), Ya Abdallah: it's about a very lethargic Abdallah (Muslim name? Dunno) who likes to eat and sit and do nothing. Filmon was always the anarchist.
-Sabah has a handful of cha-cha and ye-ye tunes under her, erm belt. This is from Music From A Millionaire's Playground LP (1965) with Chahine's International Orchestra. Old woman now... she is well, too old to be in any movie.
-This instru is a bit rare and odd to pin down for me as I'm not so into early 60's sounds. But, hmm the band must be from Egypt.
-Salah Ragab is a well-known pianist from Egypt. This is from his famous album with the Cairo Jazz Band which he helped form in the late 60's.
-This upbeat number is again a total mystery. Must be taken from some Egyptian film? Sounds like an Army band playing on one of those mid-60's black-and-white films? Ufft, ugh! I am 404 on that one, but there are more than one song in this: there's a Ya Nawaiem (Oh Fair One): a male-female chorus song cut by sharp yargoul playing (Lebanon?) and heavy darbouka.
-Omar Khourchid? Well... guitar has a god, finally. No further comments.
-Tunisian Mohammed El-Jerarri's famous song Sidi Mansour (Baba Bahri) is a oft-covered wedding and folklore song by many artists around the world.
-Back to the yargoul again, Lebanese folk instrumentalism is so perfect here: Nada. Dunno where have I heard this one, but it must be from a famous Lebanese folk tunes LP. Odd thing is, there is a synth-driven number at the end (before it slips into the next at exactly 40:21). All I can say about this song is that it's a medley-like of one of Farid Al-Atrache's songs (Wayyak, Wayyak - 'With You, With You').
-Tony Hannah is ahem, nowhere to be found: El-Bakkar gets through after the last instrumental with his faux-orientalisme music. Also, John Berberian's oud and the one before are not Middle-eastern music per se. I hate the ending to be honest. But, good, refreshing mix altogether.


Lg alias Croustille said...

Thanks for your comment hammer. really appreciated.

Also thanks forthe useful infos. I understand your point on the end. Looking back at it I should have replace the tow last song of the mix by something else.

phono mundial said...

Cool Mix !! I should share a UK 60's 10" of Fairuz, xhich also contains so called mambos.
here is my last post, about arabic rock & yéyé ..

phono mundial said...

Super Mix ! Reminds me I have a Uk 10" of Fairuz from the 60's,which also contains a so-called mambo... http://phonomundial.wordpress.com/2013/01/27/oriental-groove-garage-rock/

Lg alias Croustille said...

Thanks for your comment Phonoman !!

I already listen to your mix and it's really good (highly recommended) thanks for sharing !

Take that Fairuz out and play it ! everybody love Fairuz !!!